Weekly Recap

This week we worked on asking for what we want and need by practicing the affirmation, “I’m not afraid to ask for what I want and need.” This means developing the courage to speak up and express ourselves whether that means telling our partner that we need to communicate more, a friend that you want to spend more time with or an employer whom you want a raise from.

For me, this was asking for more of a leadership/management role at my job. Almost 2 years ago, I told my manager that I wanted to eventually be in a leadership role (actually I told him I wanted his position) and expressed that I would like more responsibilities. Throughout the time I’ve been there, he honored my request and gave me more responsibilities when the opportunity came. Well recently—last week actually, he called me to have a one-on-one meeting, and I had no idea what was going on. As my manager explained to me how our department was being restructured, he offered me a promotion! Now, I am a Lead Content Marketing Specialist!

I’m so excited about this new role, because this is another stepping stone to advance my career. And although, I’m sure my work ethic and performance played a big part in my promotion, but I also believe that expressing to my manager what I wanted was also a huge contributor.


I completely understand how asking for what you need and desire from somebody can be a scary thing, because we don’t know what the outcome would be, how that person would react, or feel that our wants and needs don’t even matter, but we have to believe that we matter! That our voice matters. Your voice matters! And, if someone cannot, does not or will not honor that then we have to make a choice—stay where our wants and needs aren’t honored or go where they will be. Remember, speak your mind even if your voice shakes.

What did you ask for this week? Did you get it? And, what did you do if you didn’t?

Until next time,

Much Love & Peace


Author: shesamillennial

I know I know my name looks like Brian (story of my life), but it’s actually pronounced bree-an. Let’s see, I’m a 24-year old donut eating wine drinking stylista from Chicago. I started She's a Millennial to serve as a space that unites, empowers and excites millennial women to make the most out of life.

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