I Forgive Myself for What I Did and Did Not Do

I’m just going to put it out there, I have issues with forgiveness whether that’s with myself, another person or a situation. And, I know I’m not the only one struggling with it. Recently, I came to the realization that by not coming to terms with the things I did and did not do in the past, I see them resurfacing in the present. In romance-ships, I would recognize that I blame myself and think something was wrong with me if things got rocky, because I felt things were my fault in my past ones. I even notice it in my relationship with my dog when I put her on her chain at night (so she doesn’t poop around the house), I triple check to make sure I did it right, because when I was younger I accidentally put my other dog on her chain incorrectly and she choked herself to death.


To break this cycle, this week’s affirmation is “I Forgive Myself for What I Did and Did Not Do.” This means no longer feeling angry, resenting, blaming and judging myself for something I can’t change, but learn from, so I can do better now. And to stay mindful of this affirmation, my intentions are:

Be gentle with myself when I make mistakes, because I’m only human. And, if I knew what I know now, I would’ve done differently back then, but I didn’t know, and that’s all the reason to treat myself kindly.

Not to be judgmental towards what I did and did not do. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m not stupid, inadequate or a bad person, because of what I did or did not do regardless if it contributed to an argument or breakup. I did my best with who I was, where I was at in the moment and the information I had.

To not blame myself for another person’s decision. Oh my goodness, this is a biggie for me! Regardless of what I do or don’t’ do, I cannot control and am not accountable for another person’s reaction. But, I will hold myself accountable for my actions and behaviors.

Lastly, allow myself to experience life. Let’s face it, we’ve all had and are going to make mistakes, but it’s through those experiences that we are able to grow.

Letting go and forgiving yourself for the things you did and did not do is essential for living a joyful life without being held back. It’s time to free yourself from the pain, shame, blame and guilt of the past. You deserve it.


Author: shesamillennial

I know I know my name looks like Brian (story of my life), but it’s actually pronounced bree-an. Let’s see, I’m a 24-year old donut eating wine drinking stylista from Chicago. I started She's a Millennial to serve as a space that unites, empowers and excites millennial women to make the most out of life.

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