Clothes You Need To Avoid Wearing For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Figuring out what to do and what gift to get is already stressful. But, the hardest part is finding something to wear! Because let’s face it, we want everything planned to go well, but we want to look good even more. There are so many articles out there saying what to wear, but depending on the type of date, here are some suggestive things you shouldn’t:

  • Something your date has already seen you in.

There will be plenty of times for your SO to see you in your favorite pair of leggings and novelty heart-print shirt—just not this time. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and get something brand new, but if you really have to or want to you can.

  • All black

I absolutely love black. As a matter of fact, half of my wardrobe is probably black. It’s sexy, mysterious and chic but it’s also safe and a little dull. Unless you plan on going to a Goth concert or a funeral, show your personality and liven up your wardrobe by adding some color like green or blue.

  • Distressed jeans

I own a couple pairs of ripped jeans. They’re cute and edgy, but for this occasion, they can come off as immature. Unless the occasion calls for you to wear jeans with tears in them, try opting for a sleeker polished look (meaning, no holes in your pants).

  • Anything that’s not you

This is the most important one on the list. Don’t wear anything that you don’t feel yourself in. Of course, you want to impress your date, but not at the expense of you feeling uncomfortable in the clothes you’re wearing.

We all want to look great on Valentine’s Day. And although these are some things to consider not wearing, if that’s what you feel good and sexy in then wear it. Rock those leggings! Share what you plan to wear on V-day in the comments section below.


30 Best Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Alone

This time of year it seems like everywhere I go I’m constantly reminded of my singleness and if you’re single too you know what I mean. As soon as you walk into a store you’re bombarded with so many Valentine’s Day fixtures and ornaments you would think Cupid himself decorated the place. Then there are commercials, photos, and radio marketing romantic gifts and things to do to celebrate with your significant other.

But, what can you do when you’re single and almost everything seems to be catered to the lovebirds out there? The answer is, a lot and here’s a list of 30 things you can do to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

  1. Take yourself out for dinner.
  2. See what events for singles are going on in your city.
  3. Go speed dating—I think I’m going to try this because it sounds like fun.
  4. Be happy for the amount of money you don’t have to spend.
  5. Take a bubble bath.
  6. Indulge in decadent desserts.
  7. Have dinner with friends.
  8. Buy something nice for yourself—like that dress you’ve been eyeing for the last two weeks.
  9. Get a massage.
  10. Go to the movies.
  11. Pamper yourself. Get your nails, toes, and hair done.
  12. Have a movie night at home—wine and chocolate included.
  13. Volunteer. Spread your love with others that need love.
  14. Take a class.
  15. Think about what you really want out of a relationship.
  16. Getaway—go on a solo trip to somewhere.
  17. Spend time with your family—I’m thinking about having a Valentine’s Day photo shoot with my mine.
  18. Relax and have a spa day.
  19. Get adventurous. Try something you’ve never done before.
  20. Stay in bed, knowing you don’t have to get up and do anything.
  21. Have an Anti-Valentine’s Day party.
  22. Do a V-Day gift exchange with friends.
  23. Get inspired—write down your goals or read something motivational.
  24. Ask a guy friend out on a platonic date.
  25. Find a hobby or work on a current one you’ve been neglecting.
  26. Treat it like a normal day.
  27. Workout. A healthy body is a happy mind.
  28. Bake.
  29. Be productive—there are more areas of life to focus on than just your love life.
  30. And most importantly, love yourself!

Don’t allow being single on Valentine’s Day get you down in the dumps. Love it. And celebrate it. There are plenty of fun things to do without being coupled (or throupled—hey, whatever you’re into) up. What are some ways you enjoy V-day alone?

30 Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and I know people are wracking their brains trying to figure out what grand gesture can they do. I’m all for grand gestures. They’re fun, exciting and can make a person feel special. But let’s just be clear about one thing, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time you should show your partner, lover, SO, boo-thing an extravagant gesture of love. Ok, I’m done with my mini rant. As we enter this Valentine’s Day season let’s keep in mind that small gestures are just as meaningful as the big ones and less expensive, just saying. Here are some small romantic things you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  1. Do something small every day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Hmm, I may have to do this one myself.
  2. Make breakfast in bed.
  3. Do a photo shoot. Feel free to spice it up if you want.
  4. Make handmade cards.
  5. Have an indoor picnic. I’ve personally done this and it was amazeballs!
  6. Leave a cute note on the bathroom mirror for your significant other to see.
  7. Make dinner together.
  8. Plan a day to do his/her favorite things.
  9. Send a sexy picture. Who wouldn’t like that?
  10. Wake up and do all the chores and errands—without being asked or complaining. Just do it.
  11. Leave a rose on his/her windshield with a note attached—guilty as charged for doing this one too.
  12. Wash the car.
  13. Buy his or her favorite cologne/perfume.
  14. Make a creative coupon book (free favorite meal, free massage, etc.).
  15. Get adventurous. This is right up my alley. Whether it’s skydiving or snowboarding, the experience will bring you two closer together.
  16. Make your boo lunch for work—and hand it to him/her when he or she is heading out the door.
  17. Take a trip down memory lane and visit the place you two first met.
  18. Run a warm bubble bath.
  19. Write a poem.
  20. Introduce him/her to your parents. That’s when you know things are serious.
  21. Try an activity that your partner loves to do, but you don’t really do with him/her.
  22. Go to the park and play. Unleash your inner kid.
  23. Wear some sexy pajamas to bed—especially if you typically go to sleep in sweatpants and t-shirt.
  24. Wake up and randomly start kissing your SO.
  25. Lay up in bed all day with your partner.
  26. Make a playlist of lovey dovey songs.
  27. Open the door for your partner. Men don’t seem to do this much nowadays, but ladies, it’s okay for us to do this too.
  28. Iron his or her clothes for work.
  29. Make a scrapbook of you and your boo’s memories.
  30. Surprise your partner with a quirky gift that shows how well you know him/her.

Love shouldn’t cost a thing—well, at least not a lot. There are so many little things you can do to show your significant other love. Here’s a longer list by She Knows that has 100 small gestures you can do. Comment below on which romantic ideas you’re thinking about doing or any other ways you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day.